Helpful hints

A bright, colourful photo will give best results – it could be a family group or pet, a favourite holiday spot or an amusing incident. We work from JPGs (digital camera files), prints (any size up to A3) or 35mm slides. We can also make puzzles from children’s paintings or collages – anything reasonably flat will be suitable, up to A3 size. Bright, strong colours will give the best results. Your print, slide or artwork will be returned.

Digital camera files

Digital camera photos are ideal for jigsaws if they’re taken at a high resolution. Lower resolution photos can look pixelated (blocky) when enlarged, although we will do our best to optimise your image. Photos which have been emailed to you may have been made smaller for emailing so it’s always best to send us the original image at full size. You can upload your photo when you place your order.

Aspect ratios

All our puzzles are rectangular in shape. So if you send us a square or panoramic photo, digital or traditional, we’ll have to crop the image to fit the shape of the puzzle. (If you have sent us a traditional, paper photograph we will not, of course, cut it!).

Normally this is no problem because we just omit some of the sky, foreground or other detail and we try to centre the subject if possible. But if there’s important detail near the edge of the picture, for instance a long wedding group, we’ll add a border in a complementary colour.

Because of the way the puzzles are cut, you’ll lose a few millimetres round the edge of the picture.

If you are sending us a traditional paper photograph and would like us to omit a part of it, don’t cut your print, just make a photocopy and mark up which rectangular part of the photo you want, roughly in proportion to the puzzle size you would like.
We will then send you a screenshot of the draft image to confirm it is exactly what you would like.

If you want to send us a scanned image, please scan at a minimum of 300dpi, save as a jpg file and upload with your order details.

Girl in hat

Black and white images

Family group photo

Black and white photos make challenging puzzles and are an unusual way to commemorate a special birthday or anniversary. If you have old, damaged photos we may be able to retouch them for a small fee depending on the work involved – contact us for details.

If you want to send us a scanned image, please scan at a minimum of 300dpi, save as a jpg file and upload with your order details.

old photos

35mm transparencies (slides)

We can turn your 35mm slides into digital pictures and then into a jigsaw puzzle. If you have a damaged slide we may be able to retouch it for a small fee depending on the work involved – contact us for details.

35mm slides

Personalised message

We can overprint a personalised message on your photo puzzle if you wish. When you order your puzzle just tell us the text you’d like us to use – for instance, ‘Happy Birthday, Mum’ or ‘Emma and Nick’s wedding, May 2016’. There’s no charge for this service. We will send you a screenshot of the prepared image before making your puzzle so that you can be sure you get the “look” that you want.

archive collage


Collages make really fun jigsaws to do, especially if they convey a surprise message! A collection of family snaps makes an ideal souvenir gift for a special occasion and we can make up your collage for a small editing fee if you wish.
It’s important that you have the right to use the photo(s) you send us and we will assume that this is the case. We cannot be responsible for copyright issues.


Your puzzle(s) will normally be dispatched by first class post within 2-3 days of receiving your order but please allow a little longer in case of staff holidays, Christmas rush, etc. However, if you tell us it’s urgent, we’ll do our best to work around the constraints.
Our delivery charge is £4.50 per order (not per puzzle) within the UK mainland. If you wish to order from outside the UK, please contact us first.

International orders

We can accept orders from anywhere in the world, but although we always have a ‘proof of posting’ the parcel will not be tracked so we can’t guarantee delivery in the destination country. Please send us an email with your name, delivery address and requirements and attach your jpeg image. We will then send you a Paypal ‘Request for Payment’ which will include an additional postage charge.

If, at any time, you have any problems or queries, please call us on +44 (0)1548 581147 or email us at



You can pay by BACS transfer, cheque, or from a PayPal account. You can also use a credit or debit card in the normal way, using Paypal, a secure transaction service. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay in this way.

You can choose your preferred method at the checkout.

Please contact us direct at to discuss discounts for orders of ten or more puzzles.

Free gift wrap service

We can gift wrap your puzzle(s) free of charge and post them directly to the recipient for you.